Skrambled Eggs VIII 2018


Each image you shoot must be shot on a phone camera.

There are no restrictions on when the photo was taken or on how you edit it or present it, as long as it’s within the guidelines below.

Participant Info

Please read all of the information on this page and then fill in the form below. Feel free to send all the information in an email if that’s easier for you. PLEASE make sure that you save your text outside of this form as well in case you need to re-submit it.

Also please send me one or all of your images so we can use it to market this exhibition.

my email address is

Important Dates:


  • Atkins 20% discount ends - ENDED

  • Send digital images BEFORE this date - URGENT

  • Pay participant fee

23/11 - Deadline for Bio, Artist Statement & Image details

30/11 - Deliver ready-to-hang artwork OR arrange for me to collect from Atkins on or before this date. Deliver directly to the Duke of Brunswick or my studio at 20 Boskenna Ave, Norwood

2/12 - 4/12 - Hang exhibition. Any help will be welcome - let me know if you have any free time between these dates

Exhibition details

Opening night: Thursday 6/12/18 from 6pm

Location: Duke of Brunswick, 207 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000

Artwork: Printing & mounting at your own expense. Images do not need to be framed but they must be able to be hung from a hook, so D-rings or wires must be attached if framed. Straight paper prints are fine - We will hang them with 3m Velcro strips. Other images will be hung using 3m hooks. There is a little bit of space for images to be hung off of nails on certain walls too.

Size: Assume that you have about 1.5 metres of wall space for your work. Use up to that much or less.

How many: You can hang only 1 if you wish, or as many as you think will be appropriate for a 1.5 metre space.

Cost: $100 per artist. This will cover venue costs, nibbles, limited drinks, marketing promo & advertising and hanging materials. NB This doesn’t include printing for your artwork. That is at your own expense.

Please send $100 to the following details:

Bank: ING Direct

Name: Benjamin Liew

BSB: 923 100

Acc#: 11948033

Reference: Your name

Name *
Postal address
Postal address
So I can send you printed invites to give to your friends. Or better yet, make a time with me to pick them up.
In case I need to contact you urgently
Due by 23/11/2018
Due by 23/11/2018
Please fill one of these in for EACH image you are exhibiting this year. Title: Photographer: Contact: Edition: Cost: Phone: App/editing Size: Printing: Model: Location:

Submit some or all of your images to so we can use them for marketing.