2017 APPA Award print #1

I may have stumbled across a fool-proof technique to win gold awards for photographs: Use a broken light, make the image really quickly and present it wrong.

So in the recent Australian Professional Photography Awards I somehow scored a 90/100 for this image which was actually mostly a mistake. The original images of body builders turned out how they did only because my main light failed to fire on occasion, leaving only the rim light at the back to do it's thing. I eventually just ran with it and had planned to create some abstract images from them at some stage, just for fun. Further down the track and 45 minutes before the South Australian online awards entries were to close, I only needed 1 more image to complete my 4 image folio. So I whipped up 2 versions of this image and decided on the one you see here. I had it expertly printed that week and brought it to my framer to have it mounted. In the state awards it achieved a Silver Distinction award with a score of 88 out of 100. I sent the exact same image to the national awards where it scored two points higher. It wasn't until it was hanging on the wall under the 'Gold' sign that I realised it was mounted sideways.

NB: I accept no responsibility for loss or damage cause by following my amazing fool-proof technique.