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I created this image for the Canon Light awards in Adelaide as part of a brief following a master class presented by Toby Burrows, a Sydney based commercial photographer. 

The brief was to create an image to advertise a new line of bottled water without being too obvious or literal about it. So using a single light source, a fish bowl, blue paper, water and a cordless drill, this simple image eventually came to life and was expertly finished off by some powerful words quoted by my colleague Peter Barnes. Although he may not actually be a professor on paper, his words still suited the image perfectly and were profound nonetheless. 

The technique was simple - create a vortex of water with the drill and shoot it, freezing that movement. The hard part was choosing the right image out of over 300 pictures. I didn't want to see bubbles as they would give away the sense of scale; I wanted to give the illusion that this was a large mountain or iceberg against the sky with the sun rising behind it. 

So here it is, an image I'm proud of accompanied by a quote that we should all consider.



Hybrid World Adelaide media event photography

Wanna know what the future holds? From Wednesday 4 October to Sunday 8 October, 2017 you'll want to be at the Tonsley Innovation Precinct for South Australia's first Hybrid World Adelaide event. HWA is basically a 5-day tech festival that explores how the real and digital worlds are intertwined.

I'm a bit of a tech fan myself and was lucky enough to get a glimpse of what's to come while being the official photographer at the media launch event last week.

Below are a handful of images I photographed at the launch. You can get more details at

See you there!